Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's been a while...

Yikes, some kind of flu bug bit me.  It started with days of sleeping and a sore throat. It's ending (hopefully) with a bit of a cough and more sleeping :-) Actually, all the sleeping may be from a crazy week.  I was able to chaperone my son's 6th grade class on a field trip to COSI (a fun, hands-on science museum in Columbus, OH), then Friday was the always inspiring monthly Art Journal Class, and Saturday turned into a nearly all day (you ladies that were there know what I mean!) Pan Pastel Workshop:Holiday class.  Lots and lots of fun, however, all that fun culminated in a 3 1/2 hour nap on Sunday!
Here's our Holiday project: (One more class on Saturday,Novemember 17 & since it is nearly full, possibly a Friday daytime class will be added. Contact Marco's Paper, 937-433-7030 for class information.)

Speaking of Pan Pastels, I will be offering the first workshop in this series in early December.  Pan Pastel: Inspiration is a fun way to start the journey into Pan Pastels. We look at adding texture and layering color, plus a few other fun techniques. This project would also be a wonderful Christmas gift! Contact Marco's Paper, 937-433-7030 for class information.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to have some fun ideas, tips and techniques coming soon!

Enjoy the Journey!
Debbie Cosenza